Thursday, December 13, 2007

Xmas drive donations delivered

Laura let me know that when they traveled they got all the bags together and they delivered them to Chung yi. She said they have pictures that they will be emailing soon. Thought this wasnt an FFC project directly, they were happy to be involved and played an important roll. We thank them and their kindness as well as Sally's in Taiwan, for everything they did from accepting donations at their home, packaging them into their gift bags while in Taiwan on a busy schedule and delivering many to Taiwan. It was a huge commitment and we do THANK FFC STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS for that. Everyone was super excited from both FFC and Chung Yi and very impressed by the love and caring of all of you! It was a great turn out for these kids and will most likely impact there lives more than any of us will ever know. It may just be one Christmas, though it would be great to do every year, it is sure to last a lifetime in their hearts for those old enough to remember and the infants and toddlers will have pictures and letters to let them know a piece of their past they don't remember. There will be atleast one answer for them when they question "was I loved in Taiwan?" Yes you were loved and thought about little ones! Thank you all for your help and support during the drive we thank you all and your families for taking part of such an important project! Pictures to come as soon as they are sent from FFC.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on xmas project

Like we said the gifts and packages have finally begun to arrive. Laura has already received many packages as has Penny. I will carry one large suitcase to Taiwan full of donations/packages and meet Sally with them once we arrive. Laura T. will also be in Taiwan the same time and will bring several suitcases with her and the other volunteers full. We have one other family traveling that will bring some of teh gifts as well and I wil meet her there and get them from her and give them to Sally as well. We had an amazing turnout and i think mom said that most of the children will recieve more than one package! Amazing. I would like to thank her at this time for working os hard and constant on this project. She has worked many hours coordinating and working out the plans for this to work. It will impact the lives of these children. We are so excited to hear how it all turns out in december when the children receive their packages from each of you! Thank you all and thank you mom.

Monday, September 24, 2007

St Lucy's "2007 PICTURE THE FUTURE" Project

Laura posted the specifics on the board today. Please be advised of the humanitarian Aid they will do with St Lucy Center! Donations can best go to FFCdirectly or donation button link on page also to purchase FFC fundraising book for other donation arrangements please contact Laura T. at FFC.

"It's almost that time and I can't wait to set foot in Taiwan for oursecond annual Picture the Future humanitarian project!This year we've agreed to remodeling the St. Lucy Center/GoodShepherd Sisters Birth Mother Care Home in Tainan, Taiwan. It seemsSt. Lucy's enjoyed our help so much last year, that they'd like us torepeat our efforts and help create a new birth mother care home.This is an amazing project to be a part of as so many of the birthmothers we work with have been cared for in this home.St. Lucy's has provided us with photos of the birth mother home as itlooks currently. We've created a short video of the home which we'veposted to our program Easysite website.To view videos of last year's project and this year's project, pleasevisit Click on the "Video" section andenjoy!A big thanks to Carrie Mosley who has organized the design of thisyear's project! Carrie has designed the birth mother rooms and willbe giving instructions for families who would like to purchasebedding and room decorations. We are also in great need of monetarydonations. We'll need to have the home cleaned and prepared forpainting and as you can see from the photos, they are in desperateneed of new furniture. Beds, decent mattress, desks, etc. Inaddition, the bathrooms desperately need to be redesigned andremodeled. The cost of just the furniture and bathroom remodel isgreat and we will need lots of help to make the needed major changes.We're excited to have a great group of volunteers this year but coulduse MORE! If you, a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.would love the opportunity to spend six days in southern Taiwanpainting, cleaning, planting, sightseeing and enjoying the localculture, please invite them to join us!We've got a full fun-filled week and will be posting the itinerary,cost and additional trip information shortly.We appreciate your support of this great project!
-Laura Trinnaman
Families For Children
Director, Taiwan Adoption Services"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Those interested in the Chung Yi Christmas project should contact ahma penny for specific details.Those interested would have already received their newsletter regarding the age and gender bracket and specific details regarding the project. If you are interested but have not contacted please do so therefor we can be sure that every child is assigned a package and is not left out. We are pleased with the number of interested in this project and so excited for the children of Chung Yi. wE would also like to thank the families that have graciously donated towards the shipping cost and supplies of this project. With out all of you, this would not be possible.

Friday, August 17, 2007


This is the post that Laura from Families For Children, made to our Adopttaiwangroup. Chung Yi and St Lucy Center are in need of donations in the following financial/monetary ways as well as the fundraising they are doing...

Hi Everyone;Last night we received the particulars of the needs at the new ChungYi infant nursery.To raise funds, FFC will be selling a beautiful, wonderful children's chinese storybook. (A favorite with our children!) We ask that families purchase the book for a minimum donation of $25.00.But families may choose to purchase the book for a higher amount of their choice.All funds raised from the sale of this book will support first, the Chung Yi new nursery needs and then secondly our 2007 Picture the Future Project for the birth mother home in Tainan.Immediately, we will be raising funds for the following Chung Yi needs:Small newborn beds (4 needed)- $97.00 US dollars (estimated)Large Crib (6 needed)- $119.00 US dollars (estimated)Double stroller (2 needed)- $116.00 Us dollars (estimated)Single stroller (1 needed)- $74.00 US dollars (estimated)Non-adjustable recliner/rocker (2 needed)- $34.00 US dollars(estimated)Adjustable recliner/rocker (2 needed)- $67.00 US dollars (estimated)(Janalee- These are recliners are like the one you bought for Mayain Taiwan.)We think we have a handle on the crib bedding though we could use some fitted sheets and crib skirts. (Regular US crib size are okay!)FFC will be preparing a flyer with more information on our fundraising project and will post it to the group just as soon as we have more information!Thanks everyone,Laura Families For Children Director, Taiwan Adoption"

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Several donations were shipped again :)

We shipped several boys outfit recently to Chung Yi. It will be getting cold in the next few months so hopefully they can use them!

Families For Children Request for Chung Yi Beds

Laura T. at FFC has advised and posted about the following information. We have also posted about it to the group.

Chung Yi will be opening their new nursery in a few days. They are in need of 4 newborn beds, and 8 crib size beds, along with the mattresses. Anybody that would like to, or if you know somebody that would like to, sponser a bed or donate to this cause please give me a shout. FFC will be donating the bedding for these beds. This new nursery will enable Chung Yi to help more infants.

You can also email Laura specifically at FFC, where she is welcoming anyone interested in contributions, at Laura is awaiting info on costs for each bed.

Thank you.